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About Dorothy Francis

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I grew up in Kansas and graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Music degree. I played trumpet in an all-girl dance band before I began teaching music in Orange, California middle school. Later, I married jazz saxophonist Richard Francis and moved to Iowa where I helped raise our two daughters, gave music lessons, and began learning to write. I am a believer in giving back to the world with organizations like water.org, Justporter.org and one.org All great organizations that give back. So please, do your part to help them.

After writing children’s stories for several years, I tried writing a children’s novel. Analyzing Phyllis Whitney’s Mystery of the Golden Horn put me on the right track for writing success.

I studied the Whitney book, page by page, analyzing the writing techniques she used. A publisher offered a contract for the next book I wrote after studying Whitney’s techniques. I then revised my rejected first book, and received a contract for it, too.

I was off and running—well, at least jogging.

People asked when I was going to write a book for ‘big people.’ So I tried writing short stories for adults. When “When in Rome” won a Derringer Award from the Short Mystery Fiction Society, I began writing and selling adult mystery novels.

So far, I have 74 children and adult books to my credit and The Fat Lady hasn’t begun to sing yet. In fact, I don’t even hear her clearing her throat.

Thanks for stopping to read this bio. I hope you’ll stick around and sample some first chapters of my novels.